Chathura Piyasekara                Chief Executive Officer  
NeoLink Education (Pvt) Ltd
Message from the CEO

Neolink Education was born out of a desire to serve the growing need of the Sri Lankan student community to secure a globally recognized education that would allow them to serve at their best, anywhere in the world. A natural outgrowth of our experience with Neolink Migration, in serving the needs of Sri Lankans who seek to migrate to Australia, we hope Neolink Education will help students and their parents make smarter choices about their future, from an even earlier stage in their lives.

Currently, over 12,000 students, annually, pursue their higher education outside the shores of Sri Lanka, and the number keeps rising each year. This is partly due to the capacity limitations of our own higher education system and partly due to the need of students (and their parents), to secure a globally recognized qualification with international exposure that would give them an edge over the intense competition.

While we understand and respect the decision of many students to seek overseas education as a pathway to finding employment and even permanent residency outside of Sri Lanka, we don’t see the trend as a complete loss to Sri Lanka. As our expatriate community grows and spreads in to all corners of the globe, through their inevitable interactions with their motherland, they infuse highly valuable knowledge, insight and resources to the local economy, from which Sri Lanka has and will continue to benefit in many ways in the age of rapid globalization. In my travels, I have seen how integral a sound education system and an educated workforce is to develop and sustain a robust economy. As such, I understand it is my social duty to guide our youth on the correct path while giving them our complete support in every possible way in achieving their ambitions and goals. While I congratulate all those who embark on foreign shores to pursue their higher education and wish them all the very best, I would also invite them to give back their knowledge, insight and resources and help our motherland and its people prosper, for that is our social duty.